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From Anna’s POV

Mangaka/Artist: A-KA

Always reblog. Most amazing and unique sketches.

Holy crap I realized a quarter of the way through what I was looking at and freaked

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Audrey Hepburn photographed in the bar of Hôtel Raphael in Paris, c. 1956.

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im writing this here because no one really pays attention to me here. i feel like i need to get this out before i do anything stupid. 

i think i hit my all time low. i cant find anything positive. no money, cant pay my registration for school (which is in about a month), no inspiration to draw and feeling utterly worthless. ive wasted my whole summer staring at social media i hate, but its the only link to the outside world i have. every interview ive had has been terrible. i had an interview to be a tour guide, couldnt even be bothered to respond to my email the first time around. tech start ups dont want to hire me. i keep reading rejection emails and all it does is piss me off. 

ive wasted my life away and just when i think its getting better, im once again kicked in the teeth. whats worse is that my inspiration to draw is gone. i dont want to do it anymore. i dont want to do anything anymore. i feel like im done, like i reached that point where its just a dead end in life. theres nothing to show for the things ive done. if i was to up and die right now, ill be remembered for less than a year, then… nothing. 

im sad and tired. mostly tired. getting up takes way too much effort and i only do it because my dogs need to be fed and taken out. life has gotten absolutely meaningless. i have no one to share my most intimate thoughts with, things like music, art i really like or things happening in the world that could ultimately effect everyones way of life. i really only talk to 2 people on a somewhat daily basis that isnt family. then theres my family, which im not even going to begin to get into. 

i really just want it all to end.

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My dad’s, (Glen Keane) latest personal short interactive film with google on motionographer: a great article that also includes the interview with him at the google I/O presentation last week.

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#vanellopevonschweets #wreckitralph #disney #disneyinfinity

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Storyboards from Lilo & Stitch by Craig Grasso

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this is perfect…….

(Source: iraffiruse)

Photo 1 Jul #banette #pokemon colour pencil, from my sketchbook

#banette #pokemon colour pencil, from my sketchbook

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#elsa #frozen #disney #infinity

Photo 19 Jun #GameOfThrones #GoT #tyrion #tyrionlannister #chappellesshow #davechappelle

#GameOfThrones #GoT #tyrion #tyrionlannister #chappellesshow #davechappelle

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